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The Word of God is a powerful weapon against the enemy when prayed into the situations of Nations and governments - the intercessor's prayer's and praise are like arrows in the heavenly places, declaring Gods rule over Principalities and powers that would seek to steal, kill and destroy. Psalm 149:6-9 clearly shows the authority we have as Gods people seated with Christ in heavenly places.

Some years ago I was a student in a YWAM School of Intercession, Worship and Spiritual Warfare in Sweden and we had the privilege of listening to the late Sjell Sjoberg speaking about praying corporately for Nations, Governments and leaders.
During that time I produced a sketch for my journal, which I developed into the picture you see here.
The picture illustrates intercessor's as spiritual bowmen their arrows hitting the dark forces trying to sweep over Europe,

As we look at church history we can see how much we owe to the prayers of intercessor's in the past who have interceded during times of crises.

As we ponder these things let us also remember in prayer and intercede most earnestly for Zimbabwe and it's crises.
The election dates are set for 9th & 10th March.
Below are the specific things we can pray for which was passed on to me by a friend, and was compiled by Henry D Jackson.

That God would utterly confuse the ranks of spiritual forces which are fighting to maintain control of Zimbabwe.

That God would break the power of the spirit of fear over the ordinary people of Zimbabwe, and that the efforts of intimidation would have the effect of making people more determined rather than frightening them away.

That God would thwart every effort of the enemy in the rigging of the ballot boxes. The west will not understand how blatant this corruption is. Believe me, those ballot boxes have to be watched every step of the way otherwise the boxes will be swapped for other boxes with a different set of votes in them. Pray for those who are brave enough to follow the ballot boxes wherever they go. Pray for their protection as they keep their vigil day and night.

Pray for the protection of Morgan Tswangerai, Dave Coltard, and each of the other leaders of the MDC party. They are Godfearing men and need our prayers.

Pray for the downfall of the power of witchcraft, and confusion in their counsel.

Pray for Justice to prevail, and for Law and order to be re-established in our country.

Pray for peace. Satan thrives on hatred and turmoil, but cannot function in an atmosphere of peace.

Pray especially during the aftermath of the elections as Mugabe will still have full presidential powers for a short while - even if he loses. Pray that any evil plans he has for this period will be thwarted.

Pray that Christians will be brave enough to stand for righteousness.

May God answer our prayers, and may this beautiful country and its people be set free from the tyranny of evil.


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