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Columbia and Israel

Last Sunday we learned of the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle and the loss of all seven crew members....our hearts go out to their families and pray they will know God's comfort at this time.

It is hard to hear this tragic news, when it first came it was difficult to comprehend how devastating all this was and to think the Shuttle had in fact broken up over a town called Palestine, Texas, also one member of the crew was an Israeli......If you are like me, you would have asked the Lord what are you saying though this? what does all this mean?

I have not been following all the news but being subscribed to the Elijah's list, helps me to keep world events in spiritual focus, this week Avner Boskey has written an article, it makes for disturbing reading especially since world leaders are wanting to force Israel to be broken in two......below is a link to the article....please read it


I qoute from Avner's article "One hour after the Columbia’s explosion, Israel Radio’s newscaster described how the explosion had taken place over Palestine, Texas. She then moved to the next news item. Just one day before, the announcer intoned, President Bush had declared his commitment and intent to work for the establishment of two states, Israel and a democratic Palestine, side by side. The anchorwoman’s easy transition between the two uses of the word Palestine was smooth, but in context the effect of linking those two words was chilling."

President Bush had declared his commitment to two states, Israel and Palestine. Basically saying Israel should be broken up into two states......a day later Columbia breaks up on re-entry over Palestine.... what does this mean???

Does this not send a chill through your bones?.....of the implications....and conclusions one imagines....indeed what is the Lord saying to us?

Dear Friends, it's with a heavy heart I produced this picture - but as a Christian I feel compelled to draw peoples attention to pray about this and for our leaders about these issues - The Church worldwide have a duty to warn, the Lord has some heavy duty warnings for those who harm Israel - God has set His heart upon Israel and her people.... it is His "Holy Land" and in spite of everything we see - God's Word and Promises are still as relevent today as they have always been, world governments should tremble when they meddle with the borders of Israel.

After all that has happened and the circumstances...we would do well to be on our faces before God.


Iparana Studio
Febraury 8th 2003


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