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"Loose him and let him go"

This weeks picture is based on John 11:38-44, It was requested by Paul David Cull who is working as a missionary in Brasil, he needed a picture about Lazarus coming out of the tomb still bound, David is doing a Bible study for the kids (and parents) and wanted to use the story of Lazarus as an illustration of how to get free from the past. Lot's of the kids David is ministering to have played with some form of occult or spiritism, and need to be set free. This scripture is a good illustration how Jesus has 'called us from death unto life' and the need to undo bandages that can still tie us up. (occult involvement, generational curses etc).
You may learn more about the work Paul and his collegues are doing at

Dear Heavenly Father, We pray for the many children Paul and his collegues are seeking to restore to you and also their parents, we pray the power of your Holy Spirit will bring deliverence to their lives and the freedom you so long to give them in Jesus Name, Amen.


Iparana Studio
May 20th 2002


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