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Picture Weekly


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Which is the best way to receive Iparana Studio?

An explanation of the three different formats Iparana Studio LIST is currently being delivered, Subscribers may choose which they prefer by contacting me or clicking the links below.

Iparana Studio Regular - Email sent to subscribers notifying them of a link to a new picture posted on a webpage.

Iparana Studio Attachment - An email and picture as an attachment is sent out to subscribers.

Iparana Studio HTML - Email sent to subscribers which contain a new picture in the message, ONLY BE VIEWED when subscribers are online, the image in the email is the actual picture seen posted at the webpage, the Email has been formated to display the online image in the body of the message....if you are not online you will not be able to see the picture.

Emails received need to be in HTML format, if it's in Plain Text format...the picture will not be seen.
To make the necassary adjustments to the email go to the main menu bar in MicroSoft Outlook Express - go to Format, then in the menu bar of Format you will see

Rich Text (HTML) and Plain Text, make sure Rich Text (HTML) is checked



Iparana Studio


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