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Roses of Nine Eleven

Last week saw the anniversary the tragic events of September 11th 2001, at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and at Shanksville, Pa. each had a memorial service for families and friends who lost loved ones and Churches around the world held memorial services.

Those events of Nine Eleven have been replayed in TV documentaries either focusing on those who survived, but also the bereaved, it is heart breaking listening to the loss and pain of those left behind, many never having the opportunity to say a final goodbye or tell their loved ones how much they loved....we cannot imagine how they are feeling... people like the father who lost two sons....where do we take such grief too?

The memorial service from St Pauls, London was held for bereaved families, at the end of the service three thousand rose petals were sprinkled from the whispering gallery up in the dome of St Pauls - they took time to eventually float down....but it didn't matter, each petal represented someone who lost their life that September day.....afterwards many who attended the service, went and gathered petals resting on the floor of the cathedral. They went away quietly with what comfort they could to remind them of someone they once knew and loved..... it left a deep impression which led me to produce the picture here....

The picture takes the theme of Roses, and depicts over three thousand roses rising over the Manhattan skyline where the Twin Towers once stood, each representing a life....to convey the value of each person who died....
Let us remember in prayer those who lost loved ones, that they may find healing in their grief and comfort through Christ Jesus, for christians losing someone is hard enough, but will have hope - 1 Thessalonians 4:13. But for the many non christians - losing someone will be a burden to heavy to bear, the only real comfort to such grief can only be found through Christ.


Iparana Studio
September 14th 2002

PS. The picture does indeed have over three thousand roses which were counted and replicated then positioned in a 3d computer software program called Bryce.


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