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Sometimes as a child I would lay on my bed and think about space....In my imagination I would try to figure it out - how big is it? I would imagine myself flying to the furthest star, then look out into deep space......but I quickly realised "Whats after this?" Umm.... that really spooked me, I could not figure it out, the last time I tried to grapple with it a few years before I became a christian, I tried to imagine building a giant fence around all of furthest space!.....but the thought quickly dawned on me again - "But whats after the fence?" .....after that I gave up........when you realise just how small you really are in comparison to space and eternity, the mind just blows a fuse!

To my shame I once worshipped two wheeled gods made out of iron and steel, many times I would use a grinder to clean up rusty steel, and would watch those tiny sparks fly off, it would seem life was just like that, bright, for a second - then gone. I kept looking for answers, there was a deep longing ......but the answer could not be found in motorcycles...or any of the other things I was interested in.

This generation just about worships anything and everything, I remember seeing a car advert a couple of years ago with people on their knees bowing down and worshipping it...sad but true, I even heard once somebody even getting buried in their car! sadly so many people looking to place their hopes in things that are hopeless!

We just need to look in the right places!

When I started reading a Gideon New Testament, what was so wonderful, when I eventually found Christ all my questions about Eternity and the Universe were answered.....I didnt have to build a fence around space, all I needed was Christ, some how knowing the one who created everything, puts everything into it's true perspective - there is deep peace in knowing God has measured out space and eternity...the one who created all things as Lord and Saviour.

Those thoughts about how big space is? never troubled me again....I can look up into the stars and see Gods kindness and majesty....I can worship the one who created the starry host....whose nailed pierced hands reach out to a lost mankind.

Last Sunday at the church I attend, Carreg llywd Evangelical Church, we sang the worship song "The Servant King" by Graham Kendrick, it inspired me to create the picture you see above...and it spark off a few thoughts about space!

The song portrays so well, who Jesus really is - Creator, Saviour and Lord. It never ceases to amaze how God, who created the Universe should become a man...the one who is all powerful, allows Himself to be nailed to a cross...and die...for sinful mankind, this is our God, come see His hands and His feet.....


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April 15th 2003


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