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Shop of Broken Pots

A number of years ago a lady by the name of Anne Yorke came to where I was exhibiting at a conference, and shared with me a dream she had many years before and asked if I could paint it, I agreed....but it represented many challenges...so over the years I just kept praying about it, thinking how best to convey the message. of the dream...it's a very special picture, the dream is about a Shop of Broken Pots - The picture and following interpretation is based on Anne's dream:

An old fashioned, dingy shop on a back street, with leaded rectangular windows. The shopkeeper is an evil old man shrivelled with age, (Satan).
On display were lots of pots, they had been stolen and broken, he displayed them even though they were damaged and smashed, they had been there a very long time gathering dust and each had a price tag at a very high price.

Then one day God enters the shop and recognises the pots, he was in fact the potter who had made them ...but now they were mishapen and broken.....but God could remember the care and love he had made each one, he had made them beautiful and now wanted to take them back and restore them. God was angry they were stolen and demands them back, but the old man holds to his extortionate prices...eventually God buys them back at the high price.

The broken pots represent the fallen human race.....the high price tags, represent the price only Jesus could pay, I depict Jesus entering the shop with His cross.

Thinking about this dream, sparks so many things....when I think of the potters wheel it reminds me of the centre of Gods will, only there can we hope to be restored and transformed into new creations.... may we all be willing to allow God's word to mould us into the people God wants us to be.....

Perhaps what is shared here will spark other thoughts and insights - please share them - thankyou!


Iparana Studio
February 15th 2003




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