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Over the years many people have asked for a catalogue to order pictures and cards from. A few years ago I produced a black and white catalogue, but I wanted it to be more than just a black and white.....so I eventually designed the colour booklet you see here so most pictures can be seen alongside a short message. I hope and pray it will be a means of blessing, one which people can sit down with many times and enjoy or send as an encouragement to bless friends or relatives, or would make excellent Christmas gifts.


The pictures have been produced over a twelve year period and have many stories connected with them. There is much more I could tell, but for now I write this booklet. Maybe God willing in the future, a book will be produced which can explain the journey the pictures and myself have been on.


Many of the pictures are my expression of faith and joy. For me producing pictures are a means to celebrate God's love and celebrate the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Resurrection, also some of the pictures have been created after listening to someone's testimony and hearing all that God has done or have been commissioned by individuals who have a special Scripture or Word the Lord has given them, or even Dreams and Visions. Some pictures are like signposts for Life, just as roads have signs which tell us the road we are on....the pictures give direction based on the scriptures.


Many people display the pictures in their homes for blessing and encouragement, but they are also being used widely in many situations as a resource. Many individuals are looking for prints or cards which speak God's heart to this generation.....there is so much bad influences in the world only the light of the Gospel can penetrate and bring hope and way out. The pictures displayed have the potential of planting the right seed in the minds of those who are looking for meaning and direction to life.


The A4 size 20 page booklet comprises of artwork produced over a 12 year period and has over 54 pictures and most have messages.


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